Jackie Chan Attending Winalite Indonesia Branch’s Global Congress

On June 16th, the Chairman of Winalite International Vincent Chen and Chairperson of Winalite Group Limited Jean Hu were invited to attend the opening ceremony of the Jackie Chan Yaolai International Cinema. The event also served as the Premiere of Jackie Chan’s new film The Karate Kid.
During the ceremony, Chairman Vincent Chen and Chairperson Jean Hu met with international superstars Jackie Chan and Jet Li, who praised Winalite’s remarkable development in the global market and the company’s outstanding contributions to charitable causes. Mr. Jackie Chan also expressed his willing to attend the Winalite Indonesia Branch’s Global Congress in December.
Funded by Jackie Chan, the Jackie Chan Yaolai International Cinema is located on the 5th and 6th floors of the Le Mall, north of the Wukesong Indoor Stadium of Beijing. It is a five-star deluxe cinema with the largest square footage, the most theaters and the biggest number of seats of any cinema in Beijing.
The film The Karate Kid is co-produced by the China Film Group and Columbia TriStar Motion Picture Group. The film is co-starred by Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith, the son of Hollywood stars Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith, who both supervised the film’s production.Since its North American release in early June, the film has been well received by large audiences in U.S cinemas and was the Box Office Champion of North America on its opening weekend.
As a renowned international star, Jackie Chan has an impeccable reputation and a tremendous influence on both the Chinese and International film industries. As a philanthropist without borders, he continually spares no effort in promoting the development of international charitable endeavors. Jackie Chan’s attendance to the Winalite Indonesia Branch’s Global Congress will greatly enhance Winalite’s brand awareness and influence.





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